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Cyber Security Education (CSE) 
Problem Book

Welcome to the pilot of the Cyber Security Education Problem Book

This resource has been established as a central hub through which the CSE community can share, define, scope, classify and mitigate problems in cyber security education.

The operational domain for cyber security education is continually evolving, as are the technologies, practices and processes that must be taught. The domain is complex. It has multifarious problems that sustain multifarious consequences, ranging from relatively minor, to critical.


Become an active CSE problem solver!

This community driven problem book is managed by CISSE UK and supported by the NCSC. Contributions from Government, Industry and Academia stakeholders are encouraged and most welcome.

Problem Book Use Case Examples

Use this problem book to:

  • submit problems.

  • classify, manage and present problem domains.

  • identify and prioritise both national and critical problems.

  • establish problem-centred special interest groups that work towards mitigating problems.

  • evidence problems that are the subject of funding applications.

Impact & Outcomes

The feasibility of mitigating problems varies based on the maturity, scope and scale of the problem, as well as the levels of collaborative engagement from problem solvers. Therefore, the expected impact and outcomes in addressing problems will vary. For example, the anticipated outcomes for some problems will focus on raising awareness, networking and discussions. While other problems may include very specific and prescribed aims, objectives, timelines and mitigation steps.

Collaborate to Innovate!

Problem solving is typically a team effort. Subsequently, collaboration between contributors (e.g. universities, colleges, schools, businesses, government etc) is actively encouraged. 

Special Interest Groups!

All problems have a presence in the CSE Problem Book List, and for many, this will be the core centre of activity. The forum can be used to establish discussions between special interest group collaborators. 

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