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Cloud in a Box

A Micro-scale Experiential Learning and Teaching Environment for Investigating Cloud Infrastructure and Services.

Understanding cloud infrastructure and services is crucial for students and professionals in the field of computer science and information technology. However, access to large-scale cloud services for educational purposes can be cost-prohibitive and logistically complex. This project aims to create a cost-effective, scaled-down version of a cloud environment using accessible and compact hardware components, and open source software.

This project aims to create a scaled-down, simulated cloud environment using micro PCs, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, a router and open source software. The primary goal is to demonstrate the capabilities and management of a cloud infrastructure similar to larger cloud providers, but in a controlled, small-scale setting. The platform will be used for learning, teaching and testing purposes so that learners can experience and understand cloud management and deployment practices, without the risk of incurring significant ongoing costs, that are often associated with commercial cloud services.

Indicative Technologies
MicroPCs, NAS, Apache CloudStack, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus with Grafana, Docker, Git, Kubernetes, OpenVPN

Expected Outputs
A fully functional, miniaturised cloud environment that can simulate real-world cloud operations; Enhanced understanding of cloud infrastructure setup, troubleshooting, and management among participants; Development of best practices in using infrastructure as code for reproducible environments.

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