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Use this section to give a succinct, scannable, high-level summary of the special interest group. In 2-3 sentences: what is this group for/about? Who can get involved? How can they engage with this group? You may want to use the following bullets points to:
✔︎  List who can get involved
✔︎  Outline different ways to engage
✔︎  Explain three key things the group does


What is the Industry Special Interest Group?

Use this section to elaborate on the focus of this group. Build on the summary that you shared above.


You may want to explain the purpose, intended goals and activities that the group carries out. 


Why does this group exist? What is its mission?

There is plenty of space here to share any key information and the page design can be adjusted as necessary.


How to get involved?

Use this section to describe the different ways that people can get involved in this group. Make it clear who you are inviting to engage, so people can quickly opt ‌in. 

Prompts: What will this look like? What will they be doing?

What is the process to get started? 

Do you need any preliminary information from them? Will they need to complete a form?


Do you want updates about this group?

Opt in to receive updates about the Industry Special Interest Group.
(N.B. This is separate to our general mailing list) 

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