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International Cybersecurity Education Collaborative 


What is ICEC?

The International Cybersecurity Education Collaborative (ICEC) - Based on a collaborative network established between UK and US cyber security educators, in partnership with the US Federally funded, National Cyber Security Education Center (NCyTE), this exciting programme aims to build further collaboration with like-minded countries.


How to get involved?

Use this section to describe the different ways that people can get involved in this group. Make it clear who you are inviting to engage, so people can quickly opt ‌in. 

Prompts: What will this look like? What will they be doing?

What is the process to get started? 

Do you need any preliminary information from them? Will they need to complete a form?


Do you want updates about ICEC?

Opt in to receive updates about the International Cybersecurity Education Collaborative.
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