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International and Business Outreach Programme

At CSE Connect we champion the transformational potential of cyber security education.   This potential rests on effective development of the knowledge and skills of diverse individuals, as well as meeting the needs of employers.  This places educational practice within a dynamic ecosystem of individual, organisational, regional, national and international requirements.  To support this, we run our International and Business Outreach Programme (IBOP). 


The programme focuses on developing international and business (public and private end-user) collaboration with the UK cyber security education community for the following ultimate purposes:


  1. Engage learners through innovation and relevance

  2. Inspire and facilitate diverse entry to cyber education

  3. Help individuals realise their potential in cyber in their working life

  4. Supply employers with the necessary education and skills required now and in the near future

  5. Raise the quality of education and skills, through contributing to the development of coherent standards across borders


Our activities focus on creating opportunities for co-working on shared challenges, and disseminating our output to those who can facilitate change.

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