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CISSE UK DevLabs is a collaboration initiative for lecturers and teachers that helps participants to work together, to create practical labs and learning activities. DevLabs also includes a live network infrastructure that is used by lecturers and teachers for scoping, building and testing cyber, coding and technology resources, that centre on experiential learning. The DevLabs initiative can be used for many things. Examples include:

  • Creating shared resources that incorporate experiential learning

  • Deploying and testing network infrastructure and services

  • Testing and hosting virtual machines and containers

  • Testing and hosting microservices architectures

  • Development and testing infrastructure as code and automation activities

Access to the DevLabs initiative is limited to members of CISSE UK who are teachers or lecturers.


Be part of the network!

The Aim of DevLabs...
Establish an extensive network of participants, who collaborate on a national scale, to develop and share outstanding learning resources.

DevLabs collaborators...

  • Share knowledge and skills

  • Maintain and manage both infrastructure and network assets

  • Generate and share learning resources and publications.

  • Share and manage resources via a common project management space

DevLabs Opportunities!

  • Gain "hands on" experience in a supportive and non-judgemental environment

  • Develop "real-world" professional practice skills

  • Experience impactful learning, in a live and dynamic context

Current DevLabs



Have an idea for a DevLab?
If you would like to propose a DevLab, please complete the form below with your suggestion.

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Thank you for your interest in proposing a DevLab. We will contact to to discuss your proposal further.

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