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Overcoming Student Employability Challenges

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How do we improve the relevance, outcomes and impact of student employability?


On the 10th of February 2021, CISSE UK conducted a survey of attendees at an online Student Employability Forum. The event was attended by 80 students from across the UK. The key outcomes of the survey and supporting interviews before and after the employability event were as follows: 1) The majority of students did not have an employability strategy and essentially relied on CV circulation as their primary approach to employability.


2) Most students had very limited commitments to evidence skills.


3) Students were confused over what skills and technologies to learn.


4) 83% of respondents struggled to find a placement or an internship during their time at university.


4) 47% of respondents were interested in alternative approaches for gaining work experience.


The survey was completed by a total of 30 students.

INDICATIVE AIM(S) The aim of this problem group is to improve student engagement and ownership of personalised employability strategies.


Identify core concepts and definitions of employability.


Explore, collate and classify employability experiences and perceptions ( e.g. through consultations, interviews and surveys).


Investigate approaches to creating and maintaining personalised employability strategies.


Pilot, evaluate and validate strategic employability techniques.


Share outcomes, guidance and resources locally, regionally and nationally.



Cyber Security Employability


Dr Charles Clarke University of Roehampton


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  • November 12, 2023


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