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Collaborate with cyber educators across the UK

Collaboration among cyber security educators, is an impactful way to enhance the quality of cyber education nationally, as a foundation for nurturing future generations of cyber professionals.

Why collaborate?

As an active CSE Connect Collaborator you can:

  • Broaden your skills and knowledge by tapping into a wider network of education specialists covering diverse areas of cyber security.

  • Support innovation by exchanging ideas, sharing resources, innovative teaching practices and strategies that promote a dynamic cyber security education sector.

How to collaborate?

There are many ways to collaborate through CSE Connect. For example:

  • Through Problem Book Projects, by submitting problems, leading a project, providing feedback as a project stakeholder and more.

  • As an active guest lecturer/lab Instructor at other institutions. 

  • By attend and present at cyber education conferences and workshops to exchange ideas and stay updated.

  • By becoming a mentor and supporting new educators and students in the field.

  • By becoming a mentee

  • Through collaborate with industry partners, to offer real-world insights and internship opportunities to students and graduates.

  • ...and more.

How to get started?

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