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Collaborate to Innovate.

The Security Testing Lab

This project aims to be a proving ground for collaborators who want to investigate techniques and model good practice within the context of a broad range of technology assets.

In this immersive security testing project, collaborators engage in applied activities by evaluating real-world assets in a time and cost sensitive context.

This project aims to provide participants with opportunities to:

  • Develop Practical Skills

  • Enhance Professional Development
    ​Get Real-World Experience

  • Enhance Problem-Solving Capabilities

  • Develop Familiarity with Frameworks

  • Engage in Networking Opportunities

Indicative Technologies
WAFs, IDS, Vulnerability Scanners, SAST Tools, DAST Tools, Kali, SIEM, EDR, IAM, MFA, nmap, Configuration Management Tools, IOT, Networks.

Expected Outputs
Collaborators will evaluate assets (e.g. IOT, networks etc) and present their findings as pdfs, podcast, code or videos on GitHub and the CSE Connect ShareHub site.

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The next series of Experience Accelerator Projects starts on the 31st May 2024.
The deadline for applying is the 29th of May 2024

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