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Collaborate to Innovate.


This project aims provide collaborators with realistic experiences of working in a software development studio. 

While students leaving the university environment will often tout their programming skills and even boast some work experience in, for example, retail, their course rarely provides them with an understanding of how code is actually developed in teams, in collaboration with stakeholders, to challenging timescales, often with unfamiliar technologies. This project aims to simulate a real software house by developing web applications motivated by real problems with real clients using modern web technologies. Students will work in teams using typical software development practices found in industry.

This project aims to simulate the software development practices found in a typical web development company. Working on real web and mobile applications motivated by real problems with real clients using modern web technologies, students will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences and capture these to improve their employability i.e. their ability to attract employers and succeed in the challenging recruitment process. 

Indicative Technologies
React JS, React native, Express JS, Node JS and NPM, SQL, XAMPP, GIT, GitHub, VS Code and appropriate extensions, Postman, ChatGPT4.

Expected Outputs
Students will build, secure, and deploy web or mobile applications and the API services on which they rely. The key outputs, however, will be the reflections, portfolio artefacts, STAR stories, blogs, and LinkedIn assets that demonstrate to employers that participating students understand the demands of a modern software development company.

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