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Advancing Cyber Security Education in the UK

CSE Connect is a national cyber security education network. Our mission is to promote innovative and impactful cyber security education practice across the UK academic landscape. We network Government, Industry and Academia collaborators, to inspire current and future generations of cyber security professionals.

Connect. Empower. Innovate.

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The 4th Annual Advances in Cyber Security Education

In collaboration with the ISC2 Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit.
Join us and help shape the future of cyber security education!

University of the West of England | Bristol

2nd July 2024 | 09:00 - 16:00

What We Do

Engage a broad and diverse community, so that together we can innovate in Cyber  Security Education.

CSE Connect engages a wide range of stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. Through events,  and community problem-solving initiatives, we endeavour to network the cyber education community, advocating innovation in UK cyber education.

Students, Graduates & Career Changers

Connect with employers, join the Experience Accelerator for valuable work experience, learn to excel in hiring processes, and showcase your skills and achievements.


Connect with students, graduates, and career changers, collaborate on cyber security challenges, and inform us about your specific skill and employee needs.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Engage with a national community, share open-source learning and teaching resources, and contribute to shaping the future of UK Cyber Security Education.

Cyber Security Community

Submit cyber security education challenges to the problem book, collaborate on crowd-solving these issues, and create internship opportunities for students and the next generation of cyber professionals.

Discover the Cyber Security Education Problem Book

Our mission is to drive innovation in cyber education by connecting the cyber security community.


Collaborators are encouraged to submit challenges to the Cyber Security Education Problem Book and are welcome to participate in solving these problems alongside community members.

Join our Mailing List

Connect with the cyber education community through our mailing list. We share announcements, information about events, publications, workshops, boot camps and more.

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