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International Cybersecurity Education Collaborative (ICEC)

The International Cybersecurity Education Collaborative (ICEC) is based on a collaborative network established between UK and US cyber security educators, in partnership with the US Federally funded, National Cybersecurity Training  and Education Center (NCyTE). This exciting programme aims to build further collaboration with like-minded countries. 

Connect, Empower & Innovate

How to get involved with ICEC!

New ICEC collaborators are very welcome. Here are some suggestions for how collaborators can get involved: 

  • Attend events and meetings

  • Contribute to discussions

  • Present or facilitate sessions

  • Collaborate on projects

  • Share resources and good practice

  • Provide feedback and suggestions

  • Promote the group

Benefits of getting involved!

There are many benefits to participating in an international SIG. Examples include: 

  • Networking opportunities

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Knowledge and practice sharing

  • Collaboration and partnership

  • Advocacy and influence

  • Recognition and visibility

  • Access to resources

  • Personal growth

  • Altruism (community and support)

  • Career advancement evidence

Who can engage with ICEC?

ICEC to international participants who have an interest in international collaboration. Example participants include: 

  • Academics, educators and administrators from schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Government officials and policymakers involved in cybersecurity education initiatives.

  • Industry professionals in cyber security, and related fields.

  • Students, graduates and career changers interested in pursuing careers in cyber security.

Become an ICEC Collaborator

Complete this form to opt in to receive updates about the ICEC activities.
(N.B. This is separate to our general mailing list) 

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