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Innovation in the Classroom
Special Interest Group (SIG)

This international Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to serve as a nexus where academia and industry converge. It aims to provide opportunities for shared innovation, knowledge exchange, practice exchange, and transformative collaboration. 

About the Inovation in the Classroom
Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Innovation in the Classroom SIG explores explore issues related to innovation in the cyber security classroom, shaped by a wide range of factors including, but not limited to:

  • How technology can support:

    • What is taught

    • How it is taught

    • Where it is taught

    • When it is taught

    • Who is taught

  • How technology can support a community of practice of cyber security educators

  • How technology can help professionals keep up to date

  • How technology can model and simulate the real world challenges of cyber security

  • How technology can support or mitigate the dynamics mentioned in the other SIGs above, e.g.

    • How technology cab support work readiness

    • How technology can improve access

Connect, Empower & Innovate

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How to get involved!

New Innovation in the Classroom SIG collaborators are very welcome. Here are some suggestions for how collaborators can get involved: 

  • Attend events and meetings

  • Contribute to discussions

  • Present or facilitate sessions

  • Collaborate on projects

  • Share resources and good practice

  • Provide feedback and suggestions

  • Promote the group

Benefits of getting involved!

There are many benefits to participating in this international SIG. Examples include: 

  • Networking opportunities

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Knowledge and practice sharing

  • Collaboration and partnership

  • Advocacy and influence

  • Recognition and visibility

  • Access to resources

  • Personal growth

  • Altruism (community and support)

  • Career advancement evidence

Who can join the Innovation in the Classroom Special Interest Group?

This SIG is open to international participants who have an interest. For example: 

  • Academics, educators and administrators from schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Government officials and policymakers involved in cybersecurity education initiatives.

  • Industry professionals in cyber security, and related fields.

  • Students, graduates and career changers interested in pursuing careers in cyber security.

Become an international
Innovation in the Classroom SIG Collaborator

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